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Search engine optimization, or SEO, can certainly be confusing. It can be overwhelming to keep everything straight. Google can be complex to those who don’t know how to make it work as a package. If you ever tried claiming your profile on Google+, or Google My Business, or Google Maps, you know what that means. 

Even when SEO is working for you one week doesn’t mean you are home freeby any means. It’s a continuous process to make sure your small business and website is staying in the top search results. More small businesses aretesting the SEO waters every day; it is extremely competitive out in the SEO jungle. Even local businesses competing for local results are struggling to keep up.


You may have received “spam” emails from companies or individuals claimingthey provide cheap SEO services. Don’t be fooled by these spammers into thinking just anyone can provide effective SEO for your small business.

If you have your SEO strategy done well by a professional and experienced source, it can help your business expand your online presence and attract eager buyers for your products and services. You get what you pay for—don’t fall for the hype of the scammers! It can prove to be an exercise in futility and frustration – and cost you more in the long run.

SEO is just one part of a quality marketing system for your small business

A great SEO strategy is important in providing more passive leads from theweb and more targeted traffic to your website. A strong online profile is key toachieving these leads.

Working with a professional who understands SEO is critical. SEO is not allabout keywords; it’s a comprehensive discipline that uses smart onlinemarketing. The SEO marketer needs to understand the strengths andweaknesses of your business and how to position your business in the searchengines. Be selective in your choice of a digital marketing consultant. Makesure they understand SEO, but more importantly, how your business works.

Working with a Marketing Consultant to Build Your Business

You cannot expect to hire a digital marketing consultant and just hand it overand wipe your hands of the process. You will need to work together to build your SEO strategy to best leverage your business’ strengths and take advantage of the niches unique to your business. A good consultant will review your current strategy and build upon that for the future.


A good SEO strategy does not happen immediately. It requires time and effort. You and your consultant need to take continuous steps to help youbuild the power of your website over time.

With a practical plan and an experienced consultant with smart online skills, you can accomplish a lot one step at a time.

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