One of the primary advertising methods used by small businesses today is online advertising. While organic search engine optimization takes months to become effective, a paid search strategy yields both short and long term benefits.

But since many other businesses are also using it, it is extremely competitive. Using Pay Per Click (PPC) or pay-per- impression ads can be a viable way to pullin customers, but you may be competing with other like companies also vying for your business.

Top 5 Online Advertising Tips

No matter what form of Internet advertising you use, it’s important to make sureyour strategy is effective in getting you the business you’re looking for. Here arefive of the top advertising tips you need to create a system that truly works.


Deliver the Right Message

Your message should be compelling and have an emotional impact. It should be designed to make your business stand out. The message you deliver must draw inyour target audience to be effective and successfully bring in your desired business.


Choose the Right Keywords

The keywords used in your online advertising should reflect your business’ niche and highlight its strengths and value. Don’t waste your money by choosing the wrong keywords. It’s important to make the right keyword choices up front to have a successful campaign that gets great results.


Landing Pages Are Important

Your landing pages must not be generic. Instead, they should be personalized and localized so that they are more attractive to local customers. They should contain items such as photos of your business, videos, your business address, a map to your business, and even some local flavor.


Build a Great Online Reputation

With online advertising, as with any online presence, your business needs to be credible in order for customers to choose your business. Building a good reputation across the web is critical. To do so, you need to have good reviews, credibility badges, social media presence, etc. Customer testimonials, elite memberships, related certifications, alliances with local organizations and charities—all of these factor in to your online reputation and build trust with customers.


Make Sure Your Ad Account Settings Are Accurate

Don’t waste the money you’re paying for online ads and clicks. Your ad account settings must be right to solicit the customers you want to target. Make sure your website is ready to convert the traffic the ads bring in to get the most out of your advertising money spent.

Social Media Ads

Social Media is another great source for online advertising. Social media has some amazing ad features to help your business reach the right target audience and advertising on social media can be very cost effective. Facebook, Yahoo! Search Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites are frequented by thousands of local prospective clients.

Some ad campaigns that can be effective that we offer our clients:

  • Create and Manage Pay-Per- Click or Pay-Per- Impression ads on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn to reach target audiences.
  • Includes targeting based on geography, demographics, workplace and education, or psychographics (likes and interests).
  • Each ad campaign will include 2-4 ad variations and will drive traffic to acustom landing page (on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Website/Blog) to improve conversion.
  • Develop and execute social media promotions such as contests, giveaways, scavenger hunts, etc.
  • Reporting on campaign performance.

If you’re not sure how to set up your online advertising, a marketing consultant can help guide you through this process or handle it for you so you get great results.

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