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How would you like to build your customer base (current and prospective), generate leads, solicit feedback and reviews, increase referrals and build customer loyalty and trust? Outcome based marketing can do all that!

Our Outcome Based Marketing Management Program is a key component to improve your presence for local search and online reputation. It includes Call, Text, Email, and Social Media marketing to build a robust customer database as well as to create leads and customers.

Did you know that most small businesses invest 95% of their time and budget on advertising, and less than 5% converting a prospective lead into a paying client? What’s the point of great advertising if you don’t get the customer?

Our marketing campaign focuses on key outcomes that grow your business, suchas improved online presence and reputation, getting more customers, soliciting feedback, reviews, testimonials and referrals from current or past customers, and building repeat business through a customer loyalty program.


Claim directory profiles

Discover, claim and enhance relevant local and industry related directories on approximately 60 sites. Create consistent profiles across all of these listings. Locking listings to prevent overwriting of data from out of date sources.

Optimize directory opportunities

Ongoing process of monitoring and managing directory profiles and promoting campaigns that help raise directory profiles in search engines. This includes posting monthly featured messages and adding photos and videos, as well as identifying and eliminating duplicate listings on the managed directory sites.

Setup CRM

Capture customer data using Call, Text and Email tracking bysetting up and configuring a Customer Relationship Management database(CRM) that will automatically capture customer data as they call or join thetext message program.

Execute Text and Email Marketing Campaigns

Set up marketing campaigns that will drive new and existing customers to your business by promoting offers, generating referrals, and creating a loyalty program.

Create and integrate rating and review web page and process

Develop a robust process to aggressively stimulate reviews to Google and other review sites including a review only web page. This process will also enhance and support increased reviews and includes review monitoring and notification.

Promote positive reviews

Set up auto-posting of positive reviews throughyour social media sites, as well as stream them onto your business website.

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