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Marketing consultants are professionals who know how to effectively market any business to enable them to be successful and grow clientele.

A great marketing consultant should:

  • Solicit your input to know your business and goals.
  • Analyze your business and market situation.
  • Identify specific strategies and tactics for growing your business over time.
  • Assist in implementing and measuring improvements to your marketing strategy.
  • Have a continuous and long-term focus for your business in dominating your target markets.

Our Consulting professionals work with you and your business to understand your unique offering and target the market accordingly.

We Understand Small Businesses

Small businesses definitely need a marketing strategy, but are not to the point financially where they can afford an actual marketing department of their own. Business owners know their business. Consultants bring specific expertise to build a marketing strategy that will be focused on your business, goals and target markets to achieve the results needed to accelerate growth.

There are certain factors that indicate if your business would benefit from ourprofessional marketing consultant services; if one or more of the following apply, you should definitely consider our consulting services:

  • Growth is stunted on your established business.
  •  Your current marketing efforts are not producing positive results.
  • You are frustrated or confused over how to keep up with the flux of the marketing landscape.
  •  You realize you need a comprehensive marketing strategy for long-term success but don’t know how to get there.

Market Simplicity can help you grow your business by providing:

  • Website design, development, updates
  • Content marketing (blogs, new web pages, video creation)
  •  Online reputation management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

The Duct Tape Marketing System

The Duct Tape Marketing System is a proven marketing system that will let you take more control of your business to grow customers and increase profits.

When you join the Duct Tape Marketing Program you are joining a community of business owners, coaches and marketers all with one goal in mind – to make certain that you meet your objectives.

Small business owners have many hats. Their priorities are to operate their business, while growing its bottom line. Too often, the challenges of attracting, converting and keeping ideal customers takes a back seat to the daily problems and issues that must be dealt with urgently – employee issues, administration challenges, daily operational issues, etc.

As a small business owner, you likely have systems for Accounting, IT, Customer Service, HR, etc. Why not have a specific system for Marketing? That’s what Duct Tape Marketing can be for your business. Duct Tape Marketing is a comprehensive marketing system that provides your business with the ongoing strategy to achieve results. Having this system in place gives you peace of mind by:

  • No longer having to worry about whether or not new business was going to come in the door.
  •  Being confident in your sales and marketing investments, knowing that they would produce a significant and meaningful return for your business.
  •  Knowing that the prospective customer who called you yesterday is properly followed up with.
  • Having the time to grow your business versus merely operating it.
  • Knowing that your ideal target customers will find you easily without you having to pound the streets or cold call to find new customers.
  • Having a system for attracting and closing new business that was practicaland easy to operate.
  • That is what Duct Tape Marketing is about, and it is core to every engagement Fortune Marketing works on.

You have systems for Accounting, HR, Customer Service, etc. -- WHY NOT MARKETING?

Market Simplicity Provides Comprehensive Duct Tape Marketing Training and Support

Market Simplicity is a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. We can provide you with training to guide you through the Duct Tape Marketing System so that you get the most out of your efforts. We set you up with online access to the Duct Tape Marketing System Course, and then provide support as you create a complete do-it-yourself marketing plan.

The training package we offer is a great way to get more strategic direction and accountability. It is designed to add focus to a marketing person or team.

Included in our training program:

Enrollment in marketing training program

Access to complete marketing training system including video lessons, worksheets, tools and examples for every aspect of marketing.

Access to monthly webinar series

Exclusive invitation to online sessions covering essential and ever changing elements of marketing.

Access to monthly Q and A session

Get your toughest questions answered each month in a live, group Q and A session.

Access to small business forum

Join hundreds of like-minded business owners participating in various Duct Tape Marketing programs. Network and propose your questions in real-time.

One-on- one coaching call

Monthly meeting with your Market Simplicity coach for direct feedback on your homework, answers to your questions, and opportunity to be held accountable for getting the work done.

Homework review

Submit your homework to your Market Simplicity coach as you go through the system to receive guidance on your progress.

One-on- one coaching call

Monthly meeting with your Market Simplicity coach for direct feedback on your homework, answers to your questions, and opportunity to be held accountable for getting the work done.

Email Support

Unlimited email support from your Market Simplicity coach on anything marketing related.

Ready to get started? 

Market Simplicity coaches are ready to be your marketing guides to implement an effect marketing system.  Contact us to get started growing your customer based and increasing profit!

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